GetDATA Time Data Collection Software

Acumen’s Time Clock Web Service; GetDATA is Time Data Collection Software designed to allow time clocks to connect over the cloud or on premises. With the appropriate time clock that is configurable to communicate with the GetDATA-WebService, transactions flow quickly to and from a server.

When GetDATA-WebService is deployed as data collection middleware, the software is used to download validation data and upload time stamped transactions. The data for validation can be presented to GetDATA-WebService in many forms, i.e., flat file, CSV, DB TBL, XML, etc. The transactions can then be transported in the same fashion.

When GetDATA-WebService data collection software is coupled with our VIEWsuite solutions, GetDATA-WebService will automate the maintenance and implement the payroll software rules to each and every time and attendance transaction an employee produces at any data collection device.

GetDATA Interoperability

  • Fixed Data Collection Terminals
  • Biometric Time Data Terminals
  • Mobile App
  • Portable Data Collection Devices
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Data Collection
  • ASCII File Format Interfaces
  • AS400 Compatibility
  • Multiple DBMS Format Interfaces

GetDATA can be configured to collect data in real-time or batch from time / data terminals. GetDATA is the “gear” between Acumen’s ViewSUITE and time clocks, mobile / tablet devices, access control hardware and other peripherals.

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