PutDATA data replication software

The PutDATA data replication software can reside on a network or host server for real-time replication of data from customer systems to the Acumen database. PutDATA allows the Acumen server to have current data from Payroll, HR or ERP.

PutDATA supports many popular payroll, accounting, human resource information systems and ERP systems. Acumen or any certified developer can customize interfaces for virtually any integration requirement.

PutDATA can be configured to replicate data in real-time or batch. PutDATA is the “gear” between Acumen’s ViewSUITE and existing payroll accounting, HRIS, or ERP. PutDATA allows employees, departments, positions, schedules, supervisors, labor codes, orders, operations, locations and much more to be replicated and “synched” with the ViewSUITE applications


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