Real hardware time clocks from Acumen integrate seamlessly to our ClockVIEW timekeeping software.  This means you can still use advanced features like biometric finger print scanning and facial recognition.  And every one of our hardware time clocks can be used for access control to your facility.

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Time Entry That Works The Way Your Business Works

Not every business has the same setup.  While traditional time clocks work great for companies with employees that all work on location, some companies need to clock employees remotely.  With options for Mobile Time Clocks, Web Time Clocks, and Phone IVR, we’ve got every avenue covered.

Understanding The Benefits and
Limitations of Each Time Clock

Because our time clock software can integrate with a number of traditional hardware time clocks it is important to understand the advantages to each type of time clock system.

Web Time Clock Mobile Time Clock Hardware Time Clocks Phone IVR
Biometrics Coming Soon X
Connects To ClockVIEW X X X X
GPS Enabled X
Badge Enabled X
IP/ Caller ID Tracking X X X X
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Know Who Is Punching In with Biometric Time Clocks

You don’t have to change the way your business runs for your timekeeping software, we make your time and attendance software work the way you do.  Biometric time clocks at employee entrances provide a quick way to identify and punch in employees while preventing fraudulent time entry or “buddy punching”.

With Acumen Data Systems access control add-on coupled with our biometric time clocks and ClockView, you can control access to your facilities.

Facial Recognition Time Clocks are the Future.
Is Your Business Ready for Touch-Free Biometrics?

Acumen Data Systems is ready for what’s to come with Acumen’s newest Dual Mode Biometric time clock terminal and Face and PIN code readers.  Our stand alone facial recognition time clocks are modern, accurate and affordable.

With a facial recognition time clock, employees no longer need to touch a finger print scanner to be identified.  Our time clock terminals make clocking in and clocking out a breeze.

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Are Your Employees On The Go?  Understand the Benefits of Phone IVR and Mobile Time Entry with GPS

Are your employees on the road?  Sales staff, technician’s and service people?  Now your employees can clock in, log time to clients or particular jobs or tasks with either a simple phone call or with our convenient mobile time clock app.   With phone IVR straight forward prompts guide your employees and let them keep track of their time while on the go from any conventional or mobile phone.

With a smartphone, employees can enter punch in and punch out from our easy to use mobile time clock app.  Our time clock app also has added features for GPS that record the exact location of each time clock entry.  Our Clockview time clock software also allows managers to set geofence areas that prevent employees from clocking in via mobile when they are out of the designated work zone.

GPS Tracking | Geofencing | Job Specific Time Tracking | Task Specific Time Tracking | Mobile Time Clocks

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