Are you looking for the best employee time clock platform on the market, with the greatest ease of use, customizability, and most powerful plug-and-play features? You need to look no further than Acumen’s GT555. With the GT555, every industry-standard feature comes ready to go and can be tuned to perfection to match your unique business needs.

Modern, Responsive, and Powerful Biometric Timekeeping

Our customers have routinely called the GT555 the best employee time clock that they have ever used. We designed the GT555 to be the best, beating industry standard timeclocks hands down, but we never expected our customers to prefer our clocks over our competitors so strongly.

While Acumen frequently integrates many time clock platforms, the GT555 has always impressed clients with it’s sleek design, touchscreen functionality, and incredible function customizability when paired with Acumen’s dedicated software.

Between it’s modern look and responsive interface, it has always been a piece of hardware employees are happy to use and employers are proud to own.

Employee Self-Service with the GT555 Employee Time Clock

The GT555 provides powerful employee self-service features that can’t be found elsewhere. Employees can request a day off, view time off approvals, view total hours worked for the pay period, view their last activity, and view their current department, job, task, and status all directly from the terminal’s convenient touchscreen display.

  • Punch In & Out for Day, Job, or Task
  • Email Supervisor or Send Send Audio / Video
  • Request Time Off
  • Review Time Off Approvals
  • View Total Hours Worked
  • View Last Punch
  • View Current Department, Job, Task, & Status

System Integration Made Easy

The GT555 employee time clock is an easily customizable terminal that is quickly integrated into any database, time and attendance system, payroll system, ERP system, MRP system, manufacturing system, and many other business systems.

The GT555 features a “managed environment” with active web-hosted diagnostics for both hardware and environmental conditions.

Acumen’s GT555 also supports Ethernet connectivity and HTTPS for secure communications.

The Biometric Benefit

Biometric terminals, such as the GT555 Biometric Time Clock, offer great customization and reliability.

Biometrics Save You Time and Money

With sensor scanning of fingerprints in less than a second, employees clock in and clock out much faster using a biometric time clock, saving you tons of money by paying for the exact time worked. No more guesstimates or overpaying.

Biometric time clock technology identifies unique physiological characteristics of each employee. Reading an employee’s unique fingerprint, iris, hand shape, or face shape ensures that he or she cannot clock in for another employee, preventing the common problem of employee time theft.

Traditional, non-biometric time clocks are easy for employees to abuse, intentionally or by mistake. Whether time loss and time theft are accidental or intentional, nobody should be taking advantage of your business.


Fingerprint Recognition Prevents Theft

Our state-of-the-art fingerprint authentication technology means the biometric time clock terminal reads the fingerprint fast, allowing each employee to clock in or out. No more “clocking” in or out for each other.

Biometric time clocks stop “buddy-punching” (where one employee uses the PIN or ID card of another employee to clock them in when they aren’t working) by requiring any employee clocking in or out to be physically authenticated by the time clock.

When you need to be in front of the device to clock in, buddy punching isn’t an option.

Features of GT555, Acumen’s Most Popular Employee Time Clock

It’s not just a clean modern look that makes the GT555 the best employee time clock on the market today. The wide array of features secures it’s spot at the top of the chart.

GT555 time clock touchscreen biometric

The GT555 offers a highly customizable and immediately functional interface, ready to be tuned to meet your employees needs time and attendance needs.

The GT555 has several unique employee self-service features that you won’t find elsewhere. Using the large high-fidelity touchscreen the employees can request days off, check whether the time off has been approved, view how many hours they’ve worked, view their last activity, and view their current department, job, and task.

Another feature that has impressed our partners and clients is the GT555’s camera capability. The camera can be used to quickly verify who is punching in or out when employee badges or biometric scanning isn’t being used, and can act as a deterrent against possible time theft and buddy punching. Verifying which employees are working on site can be as easy as checking the camera.

Simple conveniences like these can prevent mix-ups, accidental overtime, and fix potentially miscounted hours before they become an issue.

The GT555 is also remarkably easy to integrate. Ready with plug-and-play capability, and built in badge reader and touch screen capabilities, this clock is ready to go day one with no additional hardware needed.

However, it is also truly customizable, with the option to add card readers, biometric interfaces, and many other features to meet the needs of a more sophisticated deployment.

Here’s one more quick rundown of the features and functionality offered by our most popular employee time clock:

  • Stylish Design
  • Employee Self-Service Functionality
  • Audio & Video Communication Capability
  • Plug-and-Play Integration
  • Flexible Customization Options
  • Secure Communication
  • Punch In & Out for Day, Job, or Task
  • Email Supervisor or Send Send Audio & Video
  • Request Time Off
  • Review Time Off Approvals
  • View Total Hours Worked
  • View Last Punch
  • View Current Department, Job, Task, & Status

When your business is looking for their next time clock, you won’t need to look much further than Acumen’s GT555.

Touchscreen Biometric Fingerprint Timelcock Specifications

Designed for employee time and attendance, as well as facility access control. Acumen’s GT550 is easily integrated into existing WiFi or Ethernet networks. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is also supported for integration convenience.

The GT550 is a flexible networked touchscreen time clock. Acumen’s GT550 supports many forms of employee clocking, including fingerprint biometrics. It also supports options for proximity, bar-code, magnetic stripe, and PIN.

The GT550 biometric touchscreen time clock also supports a camera. Pictures can serve as a backup or alternative clocking method.

Employee self-service functionality is also supported with the GT550 touchscreen fingerprint bio-metric time clock. Right from the GT550 time clock, employees can request time off, view time off approvals, transfer departments, and much more.

Feature Datasheet

  • 10″ Color Touchscreen Display
  • Fingerprint, Bar-code, Magnetic Stripe, Proximity, & PIN Clocking
  • Audio & Video Support (2 Megapixel Camera) for Clocking or Communications
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Punch In & Out for Day, Job, Task, Etc
  • Transfer Department, Group, Etc
  • Request Time Off
  • View Time Off Approvals
  • View Total Hours Worked
  • View Last Punch
  • View Current Department, Job, Task, & Status
  • Ethernet Communications
  • HTTPS Secure Communications Support
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Support
  • 6 USB 2.0 Ports for Expansion
  • SD Socket

The GT555 is currently readily available and typically ships quickly. Order yours today and see the benefits of our expert implementation.

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