Virtual Timeclock Solutions

Virtual timeclock software provides the most universal solution for employee time tracking. With Acumen’s virtual timeclock applications, there’s no need for expensive timeclocks.

Here, we’ll explore the ways that the best timeclock software can benefit your business.

Is Timeclock Hardware the Right Investment for Your Business?

Many businesses benefit from the advanced features of dedicated timeclock hardware. Unique security and safety features such as biometric recognition or RFID contactless clock-in are becoming industry standard in some fields. These features and many others are usually only possible with specialized hardware.

But practically, not every business needs the advanced features provided by timeclock hardware. It can be a significant expense in some cases. Your company’s unique needs and expectations can inform you whether purchasing timeclock hardware is an investment that will pay for itself in time, or a waste of valuable time and money.

Businesses with a primarily mobile workforce, or with staff that works from home, will find little or no benefit in dedicated time clocks. These businesses would benefit far more from investing in virtual timeclock software.

The Virtual Solution: Flexible and Reliable Timeclock Software

Online virtual timeclocks offer flexibility and reliability. With a virtual timekeeping application, your employees can use any devices you choose to clock in and out, manage break time, and much more, all without the hassle of a traditional timeclock.

The best employee time tracking software doesn't require expensive hardware.

The best employee time tracking software doesn’t require expensive hardware.

Unmatched Flexibility

Timekeeping applications offer versatility and flexibility that can not be matched by rigid timeclock hardware.

For example, using Acumen’s flexible timeclock software suite, a company could have their cashiers clock in from a point-of-sale tablet using the ClockVIEW Mobile App. Meanwhile, the same business might have office and support staff clock in using the browser based ClockVIEW web clock on their desktop and laptop computers. The same web clock could even be used by employees working from home.

These options would never be possible for a business that relied solely on traditional timeclock hardware.

Improved Reliability

Along with significantly better flexibility, the best timeclock software is also just as reliable as the sturdiest dedicated clocking devices.

With a standard setup, without the advanced timeclock software that Acumen provides, a single issue with a piece of hardware could completely prevent employee time tracking. Meanwhile, in a workplace where each employee uses their own dedicated device to track their hours has several backup options for handling any singular fault. Acumen’s online systems have enterprise-grade uptime and consistent connectivity, and the web clock and mobile application each allow for time tracking in offline mode in the case of a local connection loss.

If your business only uses a single standalone timeclock, you might be making your time tracking less reliable.

Experts in Timekeeping and Employee Scheduling 

Acumen Data Systems is a leading provider of time clock and employee scheduling software. We help organizations manage their most valuable resources, the human kind. Acumen offers robust solutions for time and attendance, scheduling and leave management. 

We believe that technology is just one quarter of the workforce management pie. Employees, policy, and the environment are just as important. 

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