Simple Employee Review and Approval with WebCLOCK.

An extremely versatile web-based employee time and attendance system, Acumen’s WebCLOCK features task tracking, project tracking, employee self-service, and benefit management in addition to the employee time tracking capabilities of the software.

WebCLOCK can be deployed along with traditional time clocks or used as the exclusive clocking method for your time and attendance system, with LaborVIEW as the administrative engine. As a highly configurable system, WebCLOCK can be customized to display as many buttons and functions as you’d like, company-wide, departmentally, or for specific employees.

  • EmployeeWebclock
  • Time & Attendance (In, Out, Breaks, Lunch)
  • Task Tracking (Specific Labor)
  • Project Time Tracking (Billable Time)
  • Employee Self Service
  • webclockView Hours Worked in Current Pay Period
  • View Hours Worked in Current Week
  • View Weekly Schedule
  • Transfer Departments
  • Benefit Management
  • View Benefit Balance
  • Request Time Off
  • View Time Off Request Status
  • Universal Employee Messaging
  • Additional Options Available