Here at Acumen, we work with a great guy out of Canada who is focused in the HRIS and employee time and attendance markets: Bruce Anderson. While reading some of the latest employee time and attendance news, I came across an article by Mr. Anderson about employee time and attendance. I thought I’d provide a review of the article for our readers because he really brings-up some good information about why new employee time and attendance system implementations go over-budget.

Undefined Scope

Many times, time and attendance implementations aren’t considered “tough” for our mighty IT legions. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make is underestimating a time and attendance roll-out. Managers need to plan-out every facet of the system – or get caught in a tangle of CAT5s and management death-stares.

Implementor’s Access to Company Resources Limited

Time with payroll, HR, and IT representatives from the company for which an integration is taking place is often limited and insufficient for a typical time and attendance roll-out. Integrators would like the system to be setup the way you wantand want you to be happy with your new system. It’s well worth the time spent helping the integrator with the nuances of your system and the specifics of your requirements.

Lack of Integration Experience

As professional time and attendance system integrators, we couldn’t agree with Bruce more on this point. Sometimes, big companies are quick to send out inexperienced integrators. Even if you checked the reference for the company, you may be stuck with a junior integrator who ends-up causing more headache than anything. We recommend checking who your integration tech will be – and his or her experience.

Unforeseen Computer Errors & Conflicts

Like any glitch or computer error, almost nobody knows why they occur. Even the seasoned veterans of the time and attendance field learn something new occasionally. Many times, it’s nobody’s fault – there may have been conflicting software on the machine that nobody knew would trip-up the time and attendance system installation. Best to put a little padding in the budget just in case.

Make Sure You Don’t Go Over Budget

We hope you’ve learned a few things from this short summary of Bruce Anderson’s article on Ezine @rticles. Check it out to learn more.

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